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Visit Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in 1-2 Days :: Cayo, Belize

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is over 100K acres of pine trees in an otherwise tropical country. If you have a day or two, it’s well worth visiting some of the hidden gems in the area: Caracol Mayan ruins, Big Rock Falls, Rio-On Pools, and Rio Frio Cave.


Google Maps Led Us Astray in Belize – And We Meekly Followed

Oh, Google Maps, how I love you, but you led us astray in Belize when we needed you in the boonies. In the end, my scratched up legs marked our ignorant passing, and local guides succeeded where your directions failed. But I still love you.


Rio-On Pools :: Your Frolic Spot in Belize

A vast expanse of boulders and small waterfalls that form pools in which to wade and frolic. But there’s no coverage from the sun, so bring your sunscreen!


I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons :: Kevin Hart

Cleverly written with classic Kevin Hart humor, this memoir will have you cracking up one minute and sobered up the next (but mostly cracking up). If you love stand-up, you’re in for an audio treat.