Ko-Ox Han-Nah Restaurant :: San Ignacio, Belize

Caribbean, Central American, Belizean, Indian

5 Burns Avenue

San Ignacio, Belize

Recommended Dishes

  • Lamb Burger
  • Chicken Curry

Good Bang for Your Buck?

Would I Go Back?

Ko-Ox Han-Nah translates from Mayan as “let’s go eat,” and eat at this little kitschy mom & pop, we shall!

Locals told us that the owner of this little spot is also a local butcher who raises livestock at his own nearby farm; hence, the quality of the meats and dairy. The menu is an interesting mix of Caribbean, Belizean, Central American, and Indian food, and they also carry a number of specialty rums. The restaurant itself is very casual and low key. The walls are decorated with small paintings and slate carvings for sale as well as some random maps and posters of Belize. Clearly they also believe in decorating for Christmas.

Bright signs invite you to this great local spot. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

Presentation of food is hit or miss here, and our dishes were on the miss side when it comes to aesthetics, but the flavor and quality were there, and that’s all that mattered.

What We Ordered

  • Chicken Curry
  • Lamb Burger

The chicken curry was flavorful, the lamb burger with feta cheese was delicious, and the veggies and salad went way beyond typical Belizean standards. Veggies served in Belize seem to often just consist of some sad overcooked carrots and potatoes. Not so here! The veggies included fresh green beans and squash while the salad featured fresh beets. The bun was not some cheap white bread, and all the ingredients were quality.

Fresh veggies, quality meat, all wrapped up in great flavor. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

Oftentimes, small touristy towns in developing countries offer either unhealthy cheap eats or high-end expensive fare, and not a lot of options in between. Ko-Ox Han-Nah is one of those rare restaurants where you can find great food at a great value. Our two dishes combined were USD$17, which is a steal for the quality. Definitely give them a try!

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