Serendib Restaurant :: San Ignacio, Belize

Indian, Sri Lankan, Belizean, Bar

27 Burns Ave

San Ignacio, Belize

Recommended Dishes

  • BBQ Pork Loin
  • Ginger Lemongrass Chicken

Good Bang for Your Buck?

Not too pricey, but food quality is meh.

Would I Go Back?

We happened upon Serendib because it was one of just a few restaurants open during the Christmas holiday. Located on Burns Avenue, a touristy strip closed off to cars, I’d say they take full advantage of this location by offering passable food at passable prices.

Serendib is a mom & pop whose interior personality matches the quality of the food: mediocre. It’s not fancy, it’s not kitschy, it’s not even a hole-in-the-wall. It’s just sort of meh.

What We Ordered

  • Ceviche
  • Roti
  • Lemon Ginger Chicken
  • BBQ Pork Loin

The ceviche was passable, but did not wow me and the serving size was small. The accompanying chips were greasy and on the thicker side as chips go, of which I am not a fan.

The roti was a huge disappointment. I’m a big fan of roti, and can be forgiving if it’s a bit on the greasy side as long as it’s got that lovely chewy texture. I have never before seen roti that was as dry as a desert and served with… I’m not sure what… I think it was dried shredded cheese. Big fail.

Apologies for the pics – I blame it on the iPhone dark environments struggle.

Passable ceviche but greasy chips.
Roti? More like dried up tortillas. Total fail!

I will be fair and say the two entrees were surprisingly flavorful and the Lemon Ginger Chicken had a bit of a nice spicy kick to it; however, the meats themselves were a bit tough which made each dish both a hit and miss.

The BBQ Pork Loin did come with a pile of veggies that had more variety than we had received so far in Belize and the potatoes were nicely spiced, but that wasn’t enough to save the restaurant from being put on my list of spots I would likely not visit again.

Flavorful but tough chicken.
Again - flavorful but tough pork.

My take on Serendib is that it can afford to offer mediocre quality because of its great location. Tourists are tired and hungry at the end of the day and want to relax with a beer and fill their bellies with food. Enter Serendib. Add to that a lack of personality or ambiance, and sorry, but I’m off looking for a different place to try for my next meal.

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