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Jaguar Creek Eco Lodge :: Belmopan, Belize

Nestled in the jungle, this is a great mid-priced eco lodge that offers clean rooms, buffet-style meals, and 2 short hiking trails on the premises. Centrally located for local jungle adventures.


Belize – Day 5: Ziplining and Cave Tubing in the Jungle

Day 5 in Belize was the first of several days of adventure in the Cayo jungles. The day started with a great ziplining trip and ended with a less-than-stellar cave tubing tour, with a bit of muddy hiking thrown into the mix.


Maya Guide Adventures & Jungle Lodge :: Belmopan, Belize

A perfect place to stay at if you love rugged outdoor adventures. A win-win as they offer both adventure tours and lodgings. Owned and operated by a local Mayan family who also employs locals, so you’re definitely helping to support the community.