Casa Ashley :: Airbnb in San Pedro

Casa Ashley

San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Booked Via: Airbnb (see listing)

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  • Great value for a modest price
  • Exceptional hosts & personal attention
  • Modest but clean accommodations
  • Homey feel with the ability to mingle with other guests if you are so inclined
  • Nice common area with TV and pool table
  • Get a feel for the local vibe
  • Resident dogs and cat are very friendly 


  • Located about 1 mi (1.6 km) from Central Park area, so will require either walking or renting a golf cart
  • Resident dogs and cat live indoors, so not recommended if you’re allergic or afraid

Good Bang for Your Buck?

Would We Go Back?

Good Bang for Your Buck?

Would We Go Back?

San Pedro offers a wide range of lodgings from inexpensive hostels to upscale resorts. Casa Ashley falls somewhere in the middle with prices that are more reasonable than places that are right on the water.

Mario and Ashley are great hosts who go out of their way to help their guests feel comfortable. They can arrange a number of details to make life easier for you, from discounted water taxi tickets and tours to local recommendations based on their vast knowledge of not just San Pedro, but Belize in general. They make every effort to pick you up from the airport or water taxi pier, and they offer all their guests a town tour on their golf cart (all of this dependent on whether time permits), and knowing that their location is not central to town, they try to help out giving rides if they are able. If you are looking to just stay close to the main part of town, then this listing is not for you; but if you are planning on exploring the town, you will likely want to rent a golf cart anyway during your stay, in which case, staying at Casa Ashley will not be a problem.

Beautiful kitchen
Amazing hosts

The 4-BR flat is homey and casual, allowing guests to intermingle if they so desire. Mario and Ashley may even join you for a meal if they have time and you are so inclined. In the very least, they know of all the local restaurants and can make recommendations so you don’t have to waste your time researching. The place is kept surprisingly clean considering that they do have two dogs and a cat living indoors (the two dogs may look scary to some as they are not mini yapper types, but they are extremely friendly, and the cat was a little skittish and minded her own business, as cats are wont to do). Not recommended if you have allergies or are fearful of pets, but if you’re a dog/cat lover or are indifferent, you’ll fit right into this place.

Shoot pool or relax watching TV
Kitchen at night

The common area includes a living room where you can hang out and watch TV, a separate poker room, and a pool table. The kitchen is the true centerpiece of the flat (as Mario is quite a foodie and former restaurant owner), but use of the kitchen is limited, so if cooking your own meals is important to you, ask before you book to see if arrangements can be made. Otherwise, coffee is available early in the morning for guests.

Our cozy anteroom
Our private kitchen
Very comfortable sleigh bed

Casa Ashley offers different sized rooms, ranging from a single bedroom to a mini-suite. It’s also possible to rent out the entire place if available. We stayed in a mini-suite that included a small anteroom, bedroom with comfortable bed, private bathroom, and private kitchen. Look up all their listings on Airbnb to see what works for you.

Overall, we were very pleasantly surprised at how helpful our hosts were – by far the best hosts we’ve encountered out of all our Airbnb stays. While not the sexiest lodgings, their clean accommodations, homey atmosphere, and overall service make an already modestly-priced place well worth your money.

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