Maya Guide Adventures & Jungle Lodge :: Belmopan, Belize

Mile 42 Hummingbird Highway

Belmopan, Belize

Booked Via: Maya Guide website

Good Bang for Your Buck?

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Would I Go Back?

Definitely go back for the tours. Maybe on the lodgings, if I feel I can handle the cold showers.


  • No electricity on the grounds except at the main palapa in the evenings (depends on your perspective)
  • Rugged, adventurous feel for outdoor adventurers
  • Meals provided (for extra fee)
  • Centrally located for jungle adventures
  • Locally owned and operated by really nice folks who have built up this business for years and know their jungle
  • Adventure tours are also offered making it convenient to lodge at the same start/end point
  • Great price


  • No electricity on the grounds except at the main palapa in the evenings (depends on your perspective)
  • No hot water
  • Very basic amenities

Note: Previously called Yaxche Jungle Camp

As you can see from the pros and cons, the Jungle Lodge can either be an unplugged haven or a rugged nightmare depending on what kind of traveler you are. The lodgings are very basic – pretty much beds and cold water; however, it’s not completely bare of amenities as they do have showers and flushing toilets. Private cabanas have their own shower and toilet attached. Multi-bed dorms and open grounds for camping are also available, both of which have shared showers/toilets.

Bed in private cabana.
Amenities are basic, but private bathroom does come with the cabana.

The main palapa is the common area that offers electricity and Wi-Fi in the evenings so you can recharge your devices, check email, and do whatever social media tickles your fancy. The Wi-Fi isn’t going to be super strong, so don’t expect to upload hundreds of pics to DropBox. This area provides benches and tables and is where meals are served each day for those who purchase them.

The main palapa serving as a common area.
Inside the palapa.

The meals themselves are basic local fare and quite filling. If you’re a healthy eater who likes extra protein and doesn’t want to overload on the carbs (like we do), then you may want to buy some extra cans of tuna/chicken from the local market to add to the meal, or make special requests in advance. All our meals included fresh local fruits, and I believe they can accommodate special dietary needs, so don’t be afraid to let them know ahead of time. Overall, the reasonable price they charge for meals is well worth having your breakfast and dinner waiting for you before and after you adventure away the rest of your day.

Yummy chicken breakfast with homemade tortillas.
Do-it-yourself burrito. Typical lunch you'll likely get on their tours as well.

The lodgings are on beautiful jungle grounds, with the dorms, cabanas, and campgrounds snuggly nestled within. Much of the wooden décor of the furniture and buildings are handmade, adding to the outdoorsy charm.

Beautiful jungle garden.
Private cabana nestled in the jungle.
Plenty of space to pitch a tent.

The main office clearly reflects their Maya pride.

Yoga lessons, free of charge!

At the time we went, they had two very friendly and sweet dogs, either of whom you may find guarding your entrance during the night. They don’t bark and are not a disturbance at all. What you will hear, however, are all the jungle critters. For us, the night sounds were like a white noise machine that helped us fall asleep, and in the morning, we awoke to bird chirping and squirrel squeaking. If, however, you are not an early riser and want to sleep in on your vacation, then the jungle and its early morning chirps may not be for you. Whether it was the jungle’s “white noise” or the extra oxygen, negative ions, and whatever else science says the jungle provides, we slept very well each night and woke up feeling great each morning.

In summary, it was a great experience, and the only thing that stops me from saying I’d definitely stay again is that this city girl really appreciates her hot showers. 🙂 

Free yoga lessons!
This sweet guy was guarding our porch the first night.

A side note on their adventure tours: Maya Guide Adventures specializes in activities in the jungle, so most are pretty rugged and require a bit of a hike and/or some 4x4ing to get to the destination. The locations they choose tend to be off the beaten path where other tours don’t go, so you get a great adventure in an authentic environment, guided by locals who know their backyard well. I highly recommend the cave kayaking and Crystal Cave tours, both of which we experienced first-hand.

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