Rio Frio Cave :: Petite and Peaceful in the Belizean Wilderness

As above-ground caves go, Rio Frio is on the small side: from inside, you can see both entrance and exit; however, its large opening is inviting (no claustrophobic tight, winding warrens to get lost in here), and with a small stream running through it, it retains its own beauty worth taking the time to visit if you’re in the area. 

Killer vines shoot down on those who dare enter. Okay, maybe not, but they do look cool. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

At the time of this writing, Google Maps still hasn’t fixed its directions to the cave, so don’t use it! If you do, you’ll end up driving down an overgrown, rutted trail that just peters out into razor sharp grass (like we did).

Don't waste time! Take the orange route. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

You’ll know you’ve reached the right place as there will be a sign welcoming you to the cave as well as maps to show the general area and a walking trail. The hike to the cave is a short, easy, and peaceful walk in the woods.

Peaceful and easy walk in the woods. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

The entrance is easy to access. The cave is small enough that you can walk to the other end with just a phone light if you wish. I didn’t notice any bats flying around, but for all I know, they could have been secretly watching and snickering at the dumb tourist stumbling around in the half darkness.

Cave entrance. Pretty neat, huh? (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

Walking around in the cave is not as treacherous or slippery as some others I’ve visited, and if I remember correctly, it was pretty dry. Through the miracle of Lightroom, I’ve lightened the photo of the inside of the cave so you can get a general idea. Of course, in real life, it’ll look a lot darker.

The cave innards. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)
The exit. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)
Returning from the cave. (Photo: The Gassy Squirrel)

Although small, it’s a nice stopping point if you’re already in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve area visiting places like Rio-On Pools or Big Rock Falls. If you have time to explore, there is also a nature path through the forest that should be a nice stroll or hike. We didn’t get a chance to wander around much, so let us know what it’s like if you do. 

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