Sights of San Pedro, Belize :: Ambergris Caye’s Little Big Town

San Pedro town is a pretty typical beach town – without the nice beaches. There is sand, but you won’t see people swimming around much due to the sea grass from the reef. Sandy beach areas can be found further out on Ambergris Caye, but for the nicer beaches, you generally want to head out to Belize proper or a different caye.

The town is like many other small coastal communities in a developing country that’s reliant on tourism: a casual sprawl of mom & pop businesses, some ramshackle buildings, and a sprinkling of high-end resorts all crowded together. Given its proximity to Belize’s barrier reef, it is a popular tourist spot, particularly for snorkelers and divers. Drawn to its small town feel, many of the residents and business owners are expats who have chosen to settle down to a perhaps friendlier and quieter way of life than in the big cities.

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Sights of San Pedro

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